About us

AIBA, is a Donostia based design office founded in 2013 by Mikel Garate and Xabi Subijana. Mantaining the balance between functional and aesthetic, we like to create making the user understand and appreciate the reasons for every decision we make in the process of creation. We enjoy working on the small details that make this place something more special, something nicer. We ponder as we work, we do not understand design as a method but as an iterative process; each problem needs a solution, but you should not always follow the same path to find it.

We are honest with our work, we focus on the essentials and we care for the details avoiding any kind of arbitrariness so that the user feels comfortable and respected.

Working with guilds around our area and having a more direct and personal contact with them and the evolution of the product helps us to make it right, and in the meantime we support local production.


What we do and offer

Things we like